Overview of the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym

If you are making the decision about what to place inside your home gym, you need to check out and take a look at the Life Fitness G2 Home Gyms. This prices approximately $ 1400 for the models that are greater and this is worth your cash. They don’t have exactly the quality this new brand does although there are cheaper choices naturally.

Details and Specifications
The Life Fitness G2 Home knee measures 48 inches in diameter, 83 inches in height, and 71 inches in length. There’s an optional leg press that it is possible to insert, in this instance. But if it does create the leg press the equipment more bulky as well as the raise are really additional advantages. Some home gyms have these but they’re a good deal bulkier compared to this version.

Some sets have lat bars which aren’t needed to be raised to eliminate it. Should you choose to go for the Life Fitness G2, so it is possible to find the lat bar you want to be certain you have extra ceiling area.

The warranty on components and the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym framework is for a lifetime. The pads and the wires have a seven-year warranty that seems like a good thing.

Features of this G2
The Life Fitness G2 has a weight stack of around 160 lbs. You can set the pin that you want to lift.

The equipment has some exercise cards, an ankle strap, a lat bar, a very low row bar, and two handles of distinct dimensions. These are wonderful features to have and they will charge more if you buy them separately. Additionally you have the choice of buying 50 pounds.

It can be safely said that the Life Fitness G2 Home Gym feels far more stable in comparison to other family gyms. It also has that commercial grade texture to it. When you do the area of the leg extension, about wobbling and wiggling, you don’t need to be concerned. In addition, it has a minimal cable which allows you to do shoulder function, seated rows, leg function, and work.

Since the system includes a comfy seat and a contoured back, you can change to and from exercises.

The 1 drawback the Life Fitness G2 Home Fitness has is so you can’t do exercises such as triceps 28, that its seat isn’t movable. However, you are able to do a lot of other exercises.

David Hernandez