Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is An Economic Alternative to Traditional Flooring

Vinyl flooring has evolved and there are some newer products from this material that can make for excellent alternatives to the stone and wood flooring that is traditionally used. The bonus is that the installation of luxury vinyl flooring can be done at a price that is just a fraction of what these other floors would cost.

The name given to this, luxury vinyl flooring, is an indication that this flooring can give you textures that are realistic and often look just like wooden or stone flooring. This effect is achieved through the use of images printed onto vinyl surfaces. offers vinyl flooring that has four layers. The top layer is a base of aluminum oxide that protects the vinyl from any scratches or scuffing that can come from shoes or furniture placed on the flooring. Below this layer is a clear layer that is meant to protect the vinyl from damage like ripping. The layer that is below this is the one that contains the design that can be of wood, stone or any other perceived design. The bottommost layer is the one that is the thickest and gives the luxury vinyl flooring the bulk and structure. Wood and stone flooring can give a feeling of hardness or even feel cold to the feet, but in the case of vinyl, the surface is softer and also warmer as it retains heat. Wooden floors are damaged by spills, but vinyl being non-absorbent will not suffer any damage. you do need to clean up the spill as soon as possible. The flooring is durable and resilient and is ideal for areas that have high traffic. Its moisture resistance allows it to be used in kitchens and bathrooms. It also absorbs sound.

Amtico luxury vinyl flooring is easy to clean and this makes it easy to maintain. The flooring is quite often made from recycled material and this makes it a product that is eco-friendly.

David Hernandez