Tommy Hilfiger Doesn’t Hate Gigi Hadid Because She’s Fat; She’s Fat Because He Hates Her

I thought we had passed the whole Gigi Hadid body-shaming, backdoor compliment, humble bragging phase, but I was very, very wrong. Tbt to last year when Gigi Insta-ed a text post about how people were mean to her about her body typewhich, for the record, is a sample size. Well, when Gigi walked in the 2015 Tommy Hilfiger show, he made her wear a poncho that your grandmother would’ve refused to wear because he wanted to disguise her body.

We all know that unless you’re under the age of 10, ponchos are sweatpants for your upper body. They hide everything, make you look like a tent, and might be the only thing that fits you after the great Halloween binge. Apparently, the Hilfiger casting director thought that “she doesn’t really fit in because she’s not quite as tall as the other girls, she’s not quit as thin.” But the joke is on him because the fugliest poncho I’ve ever seen was the best-selling piece in the entire show. Gigi Hadid’s live mantra: When life gives you lemons, make people think they can look like a supermodel if they buy those lemons, and then be on the cover of .

Tommy Hilfiger himself says that he was pissed they made Gigi model a glorified blanket, because he thinks she’s “the epitome of perfection.” Tbh after seeing her make firefighter pants and a sports bra look amazing at the VS fashion show last year, I kind of have to agree.

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Review: Tile Mate and Slim

For a few years now, the absentminded have found salvation in Tile, the simple tracking gizmo that helps you locate your keys or anything else you can hold onto. Late for work? Fire up your iPhone and the Tile app, then listen for the Bluetooth-activated sing-song or check the on-screen map for Tile’s last known location. Have your keys but not your phone? Press the Tile’s button and your phone will ring.

Tile is affordable and brain-dead easy to use—just attach it to whatever you tend to lose. Although it must be within Bluetooth range of whatever you’ve lost, Tile does offer a killer feature: If other Tile users are near your lost keys, the Tile on your keys can still chime and update its location on the map. The people who use Tile, the easier it is to find everything. Crowdsourced memory. Beautiful.

With a rising user base—Tile says people use the app to locate more than half a million items every day—the march of progress has finally addressedanother complaint:Tile is too big.


Tile Mate and Tile Slimreplace the original Tile. Tile Mate shaves3mm fromeach side and nearly 1mm in thickness. Thetraditional hole in the corner makes it ideal for keychains and other hanging items. Tile Slim is larger in surface area, but flatter, just 2.4mm thick.

The changes don’t seem huge, butmake a big difference in practical terms. The Mate is small enough that you can feasibly clip it to your wayward cat’s collar. The Slim—almost precisely the thickness ofthree credit cards (not two as claimed)—slips into a wallet or passport holder, something the original could never achieve.

These smaller Tiles work just likethe original and still use the old app (both iOS and Android are supported now), and promise the same battery lifespan of about a year, after which you can “reTile” for half price. (Batteries still aren’tuser-replaceable and undoubtedly never will be.) Prices climb a bit—$25 for the Mate, $30 for the Slim—but are significantly cheaper if you buy four at a time.


Tile works without a hiccup, and the app could find my keys at 100 to 120 feet without a problem. However, though both units specify over 80 decibels of volume, the reality is that the chime can be difficult to hear (at least compared to, say, the chime of Apple’s blaring Find My iPhone klaxon). This is particularly problematic with the Tile Slim, should it be stored ina wallet. Leather and fat stacks of cash muffle the audio significantly, making it inaudible if you’re more than one room away.


8/10 – Excellent, with room to kvetch.

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Hosts Become Hysterical When 11-Year-Old Explains Why Her Fat Dad Isnt An Athlete Anymore

Unfortunately, some dads can become the butt of the jokes in a family.

They’re usually the ones who will take it best, and sometimes, they won’t even hear the jokes anyway because they’re too invested in the sports on the TV screen as they sit on the couch.

While that might be a stereotype, a stereotypical dad is nothing bad in my mind; they just enjoy their sports, food, and resting time, right?

This eleven-year-old surf champion sure knows how to make light of a situation. She decides to talk about her dad on live TV,starting with his eating habits.

First, the hosts ask her if her dad is an athlete, like her, and she doesn’t hesitate to say that he’s not anymore because he’s fat.

But she adorably explains her comment, saying that he eats too much ice cream, and it’s caused him to have to suck in his gut.

Luckily, we can tell that’s it’s all in good humor. It’s clear just how much she loves her dad, and there’s definitely something to be said for how candid she is!

She even shares the good news that her dad’s getting healthier! She’s proud that he took after her healthy eating habits apparently and has lost some weight.

Watch below if you’re in need of a great laugh from a cute little girl! Kids do say the darndest things, I think their lack of a filter is a reminder not to take life too seriously,even if it’s sometimes at our expense.

It’s all in good fun!

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After Growing Up A Chubby Kid, Mom Decides To Lose Weight For Her Son

It’s no secret some kids grow up with a bit of extra weight on their bodies that they’re not always comfortable with.

Body type, accompanied by children’s crazy eating habits, can cause achild to start life off with a bigger frame than others.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll be like that forever or that there is anything wrong with it. Adopting a new lifestyle, and changing your ways for your health, rather than your appearance, can change your life.

This new, healthy lifestyle is hard to adopt at times, but it’sso worth it.

Kelly and Donnie Sorah can vouch for that.

Growing up, they were both called “chubby kids.” But as they got older, fell in love, and started a family, they decided to change their lives for their son.

If they didn’t, who knows how long their bad habits would keep them aliveand fully able to take care of their child?

They didn’t want to find out. So they started a fitness competitionbetween themselves, eating healthy, exercising, and pushing each other to success.

And success is what they got.

After twoyears of hard work, they’ve lost over 250 pounds they’realmost unrecognizable.

Everyone deserves to feel good and healthy, and that’s what this weight loss story is all about! Now I’d say these two are a power couple.

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I Lost 96 Pounds: Heres What No One Told Me About Losing A Lot Of Weight

There’s a sayingthat every person you meet has a unique story, but you only pick up the plot at the chapter you enter. Unintentionally, my story is primarily about weight, but depending on where you pick up my book, it could be about me gaining it or losing it.

I lost 96 pounds, which is roughly the equivalent of 16bowling balls, an average 12-year-old girl, or a baby hippo. Because I wasnt overweight growing up, and now having kept offan amount of weight equal to a tractor-trailer truck tire for many years there are people who never knew I had gained that weight, or that I had lost it.

My aha moment that I needed to change my life came after a receptionist at a day spa embarrassed me when I had to ask for a larger robe because the “one size fits all”robe quite simply didnt fit. It was in that moment that I realized I no longer recognized myself, and I began my relentless assault on the 96 pounds that had gradually crept onto my body.

The author before her weight loss. Photo Courtesy Of Charlene Bazarian.

It was a careful balance of weight training, cardio, and heavily limiting starchy, white carbohydrates that finally worked for me. While my aha moment hit me like a pie in the face, I never envisioned that my little motivational quips of youre no busier than a fit person, moderation is for maintenance, or vodka leads to Oreos would form a path to my new life.

Now that I am on the other side of my weight loss journey, I have come to understand that the point at which people pick up my story influences how they respond to me. Whenever Im at a restaurant now with my no cheese, no bacon, skip the sauce, dressing on the side, can I have double veggies instead of pasta, and please dont even think of leaving the rolls on my table, type of order, invariably, if Im with someone who never knew I was heavy, they will say something to the effect of, Oh, for Gods sake, look at you, you can eat whatever you want.


My reply is always, You know why I can eat whatever I want? Because I dont eat whatever I want.

At the gym, sometimes I find myself working out near a person who is just starting out, and Ill inevitably catch a sort of side-eye glance. If I could see a bubble over their heads, it would say something like, Shes got it easy. She has no idea how frustrating this is for me. Little do they know that was me not too long ago.

Truly I can say the after the after presents its own set of challenges. I think theres a fascination with weight loss transformation stories because theres always the hope that losing weight will transform everything and will make peoples lives all puppies and rainbows. I think theres also a corresponding secret fear that it wont change anything, and that people wont love their new body or be any happier.

Based on the experience of my own weight-loss success, I can tell you that these are things that definitely change for the better:

1. Shopping for clothes is infinitely more enjoyable.

2. My bathroom scale has become a useful tool and not my mortal enemy.

3. My personal relationship with food and exercise has changed more than I thought possible. I gave up thinking of eating healthy as depriving myself. Its not about never having a cupcake its about not always having a cupcake. In truth, even when I had 96 pounds hanging on me for dear life, I very rarely had the cupcake.


And now, like the end of a drug commercial, here are the possible not-so-great side effects:

1. Not everyone will be happy for you. Youll be surprised by how those closest to you may react, and saboteurs lurk in places youd least suspect. Your friends and family can sometimes make discipline seem like a four letter word.

2. There is no finish line and no touch down dance. Losing weight and keeping it off is a daily battle. I realize this whenever I see articles about the high rate of people who lose weight and then regain it. It makes me constantly aware of the fact that Im only a few bad decisions away from disaster, and the way I choose to dance with temptation is ultimately my responsibility.

3. Lifes other challenges and frustrations will still be there. I try to face my toughest days by telling myself that working out will give me the strength to handle whatever life throws in my path.

The author before her weight loss. Photo Courtesy Of Charlene Bazarian

While Im certainly not a fan of fat shaming, my run in with that unsympathetic receptionist at a day spa did change my life. Up until that moment, I was in a state of self-pity, self-disgust, and just downright denial. I used that awful feeling to fuel my start, and then went on to use my story to encourage and inspire others.

So whether you picked up my story before the before, during the years when I was carrying around an extra sixteen bowling balls, or now, during a time I like to call it, after the after, know that your own success story is all up to you and who knows where your after the after will take you.

Charlene Bazarian is a fitness and weight loss success story after losing 96 pounds. She mixes her no nonsense style of fitness advice with humor on her blog at and on Facebook at FBJ Fit.

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Give up on your diet because chocolate butter is here

The dress your artisan croissant deserves.
Image: Facebook

You thought Nutella and sprinkles had the “fun bread topping” market cornered. You were delightfully wrong.

Presenting…*drum roll*…chocolate butter.

This creation comes straight out of New Zealand’s Lewis Road Creamery. The company’s ingenious creation is made with Whittaker’s (another New Zealand brand whose chocolate is also used in the Lewis Road’s chocolate milk) 72% dark Ghana chocolate. The butter is ready to spread on toast, croissants, waffles, and even steak (yes, chocolate has delicious savory possibilities).

Lewis Road Creamery founder Peter Cullinane tells Dairy Reporter the first batch was successfully tested on croissants.

A comment on the company’s Facebook page refers to the price of each pot as $9 NZD (about $6.43 USD) and Lewis Road Creamery replies, “[…]we realise it’s not cheap! However, quality is our focus, and our Chocolate Butter is made with NZ’s best butter and NZ’s favourite chocolate. We wanted to avoid loading up our chocolatey spread with palm oil, sugar and other artificial ingredients, as we truly believe Kiwis deserve the best dairy products! The raw quality ingredients do cost more, and we hope this makes sense.:)”

Though there is no mention of the United States, the UK and Australia are both “potential markets for the product.” Until that glorious day arrives, the world outside of New Zealand can only dream and drool.

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